The rationale behind choosing the Icad 3D software solution as basis for INGA 3D project

The footwear CAD solution Icad 3D was developed by INESCOP (partner P1) and RED 21 (partner P5) is faster and more precise than other commercial products, and gives an immediate feedback both to teacher and to student/trainee.  It allows detailed and accurate visualization of footwear prototypes in a virtual space. Through INGA 3D, the knowledge and the skills for developing patterns and footwear prototypes will be transmitted by VET teachers and trainers to their students and trainees in a dynamic and effective way. It will stimulate creative thinking among VET students and trainees, and it will increase attractiveness of VET study/training programs.

How does INGA 3D project use these results?

The INGA 3D partnership will work to produce, test and evaluate new results:

  • 3D Footwear Computer Aided Design – Handbook. The new training content will be designed in an effective educational approach to modules/units of learning and competencies.
  • Supportive Multimedia tools for VET teachers, trainers and tutors
  • Online Learning Platform

Added value of INGA 3D project compared to the previous projects 

The project products (Handbook, Guide and Internet-based platform) will introduce innovative training content and solutions for e- learning in order to test and to validate new teaching methodologies and approaches suitable for vocational training in footwear computer-aided design.  These products will be designed and developed in order to meet the needs and the expectations of VET professionals (teachers, trainers, tutors). The online platform will integrate various flexible learning scenarios for accommodating various supportive tools for learning, like tutorial lessons, videos, and interactive texts and listening.


3D Footwear Computer Aided Design – Handbook

Supportive Multimedia Tools for VET teachers, trainers and tutors

INGA Online Learning Platform


  • Universitatea Tehnica Gheorghe Asachi din Iasi
  • INESCOP - Instituto Technologico del Calzado
  • Virtual Campus Lda.
  • IED - Istituto Europeo di Design Madrid
  • University of Salford
  • RED 21 SL